Student Ambassadors

2017 Student Ambassador

Lasse Altonen, Finland

Whistler Secondary 2017 2018

“One of Lasse’s fondest memories is
the day 60 cm of snow fell and the
schools were closed. It allowed him
and his Outdoor Leadership peers
to go and ski together as a group.
Even locals said they had
never had a day like this
when the schools were


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2016 Student Ambassadors

Moritz Strobel, Germany

Howe Sound Secondary 2016

“There are so many things you can discover, not just in Canada but also in yourself. You might need to step out of your comfort zone a few times but it gives you more strength in being confident.”

Vilhelm Bjoergul, Norway

Pemberton Secondary 2016

“Now, although I am admittedly a reserved Norwegian, the crowe of students at PSS ended up being the best crowd there is. Some people see Pemberton as a bit too rural, but when one learns to embrace it, it’s a different story entirely.”

Eugenia Rosa, Italy

Whistler Secondary 2016

“I have done a lot of hikes and have visited all the lakes around Whistler, which are just amazing. I often went ice skating in winter and I attended yoga classes at the gym, where I met a lot of people who are now my friends.”

Ski Board Bike, Worldwide

Pemberton Secondary 2016

The International Students of the PSS Ski Board Bike Academy (SBBA) 2015-2016

With teacher, Mr. Daryl Treadway

Moritz Roth, Germany

Pemberton Secondary 2016

"I would totally recommend this program to everyone who loves doing sports outside or who wants to get into those sports and also to people who are already into those sports"

Hanting Hu, China

Howe Sound 2016

"You can do a lot of outdoor sports like: climb the Chief, mountain bike and go skating."

Yu Shu Xiao, China

Whistler Secondary 2016

"I will be going to McGill University for the Life Science program and will probably major in Biochemistry."

Carlo Affentranger, Switzerland

Howe Sound 2015

"The school offers a wide range of sports. To be on a team and have the support of the whole school on a game day is an inforgettable feeling."

Lasse Blana, Germany

Howe Sound 2015

"I really like my host dad's understanding of living, sharing, supporting and giving."

Anujin Chimed-Ochir, Mongolia

Howe Sound 2015

"I'm literally in love with my host family. They are kind, sweet, open minded and caring. I have one host brother and one host sister, I also have an exchange student. It's great to experience their culture and lifestyle."

Even Flå Kaarmo, Norway

Howe Sound 2015

"From all of the places I have travelled and all the people I have met, the Canadian people are the nicest and most open people so far."

Jeronimo Fox Diaz, Mexico

Signal Hill 2015

"I like that it is another family for me. I feel like I am at home and am comfortable asking my home stay parents to do stuff with me."

Bilguun Ganbold, Mongolia

Howe Sound 2015

"I like my homestay, because my homestay mom is awesome cook and I always feel part of the family. It is a real home."

Renata Murguiondo Perez, Mexico

Whistler Secondary 2015

"What I love most about Whistler is the people. Everybody is so nice and they all make me feel like this is my home and that is what is making my year so amazing."

Mathieu Ryckbosch, Belgium

Pemberton Secondary 2015

"I am learning a new language, learning about a new culture but most importantly I am learning about myself."

Rocio Sagastegui Vazquez, Mexico

Don Ross 2015

"My host amily is the reason I never feel "homesick". I really feel lucky living this year with them."

Eelin Khurelbaator, Mongolia

Howe Sound 2014

"I am so happy with my homestay family. They are so kind to me!"

Timo Kloska, Austria

Pemberton Secondary 2014

"I really like that your are in the wild nature immediately and the nature itself is so beautiful and 'Canadian'!"

Danio Yang, China

Howe Sound 2014

"The special thing I'm doing now is competing as part of our school's Physics Olympic team!"

Sarkís Mena Ponce de León, Mexico

Don Ross Secondary 2014

"I love my classes, the teachers, the students and the sports at Don Ross Secondary. Everything is awesome."

Jérôme Horsmans, Belgium

Howe Sound 2014

"My homestay is a real pleasure to be in, thanks to my host family who really do what they can to make it as comfortable for me as possible."

Marte Welhaven, Norway

Whistler Secondary 2014

"Right now, I don't want to leave. Everything is just so good; school, friends, family and activities. it's going to be so sad when I have to leave."

Bruno Puorto, Brazil

Howe Sound 2014

"I feel like I'm in a high school movie. The teachers, principal, vice principal, counsellors, all the international team, I mean everybody is really good with us."

Sarah Moss, Germany

Howe Sound 2014

"I had planned to leave Canada in January but after my first week I was so impressed that I extended until June. I think it is the best descision!"

Daniel Klier, Germany

Whistler Secondary 2014

"Right from the first day I felt like a real member of the family which is great!"

Carla Wicki, Switzerland

Howe Sound 2014

"I love my homestay family so much. I can feel that I am a part of their family."

Julia Belchior, Brazil

Pemberton Secondary 2013

"When I go home I am going to miss everyone here. My community, my school and my homestay family!"

Ximena Mendizabal, Mexico

Whistler Secondary 2013

"I'm getting to know so many new people from different places and making so many new friends."

Karina Melani, Chile

Howe Sound 2013

"People are always happy and friendly and when they see you they smile and say hi even if they do not know you."

Tarjei Namtvedt Tuv, Norway

Whistler Secondary 2013

"I like how the teachers are very helpful if there is something I don't understand or need help with."

Julie Derron, Switzerland

Whistler Secondary 2013

"I like Whistler because it's a beautiful place. I think it was the best thing ever to come to Whistler."

Lin (Tobey) He, China

Howe Sound 2013

"The classes are full of fun. I never feel bored in class. And every class has the best equipment provided."

Camillo Tommasi, Italy

Howe Sound 2013

"Everyday I can decide if I want to be an adventurer and explore!"

Leen Dillen, Belgium

Whistler Secondary 2013

"I love my homestay family. They accept me in the family as a real member. Playing with the kids, doing things together, it is always fun."

Emilia Omilianowicz, Poland

Whistler Secondary 2013

"I love my homestay mom's cooking! She is the best cook ever! And she teaches me all the time."

Céline Scholtz, Germany

Howe Sound Secondary 2013

"The teachers are always ready to help you at any time after school, during school, in lunch time or whenever you want."

Arantxa Domingo, Thailand

Howe Sound 2012

"I will miss this place so much. My friends the most. The people here are really friendly and they just make you feel like you belong here."

Dan Ato, Fukuoka, Japan

Whistler Secondary 2012

"I was looking for a place able to learn English and practice snowboarding at the same time. Then I found a high school program Whistler is a perfect place for going high school and to improve my snow boarding skills."

David Sepulveda, Madrid, Spain

Whistler Secondary 2012

"The teachers support us whenever we need help. If we don't understand something they will explain what a word means if you don't know it."

Julia Rocosa, Barcelona, Spain

Whistler Secondary 2012

"Through the year I've done tons of different activities such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, and of course snowboarding and skiing. I think is such a great idea that you are able to practice so many different sport in one year."

Karla Llamas Silva, Torreon, Mexico

Whistler Secondary 2012

"Everyone knows each other and it's a safe place where you can live with no worries at all. The people here are really friendly and honest. The best of this is that you can make friends easy."

Nami Asoda, Tokyo, Japan

Howe ound 2012

"I'm really happy to be with my host family. I really love them."

Paul Winter, Marburg, Germany

Whistler Secondary2012
"I am doing the outdoor education program in my school and it is just the best, there is nothing comparable in Germany. It is so much fun, because we are going outside very often and that is so much better than sitting in the class room."

Xiao Han Ma, China

Howe Sound 2012

"I love the flexible eaching methods and I love outdoor education and drama!"

Fernanda Rojas, Santiago, Chile

Whistler Secondary 2012

"I loved that you could choose your classes, that was totally weird at first, but then it was like the best, doing one semester of courses that you love!"

Italo Massaglia, Eusebio, Brazil

Whistler Secondary 2012

"I'm doing Outdoor Education and it is super cool. If you like being outside and going for adventures during school days it is the best program to do!"

Map Srithongkun, Suratthani, Thailand

Howe Sound 2012

"To me, I think the community is built so strongly by the sports and arts which both I love and have brought me to make many new lifetime friends. After being here for almost 3 years, I can honestly say I love it."

Marie Bouchet Geneva, Switzerland

Howe Sound 2012

"I really like the people in Squamish. They are very nice to me, it's so different in Europe. Here they're always asking me if I want something or need help. I'm not feeling alone here."