Full Year or Semester of Study Abroad

The Sea to Sky International Program is a popular choice for students wanting a to spend a full year or semester abroad studying. Students from around the world enjoy learning along side our Canadian students and taking the numerous courses available while improving their English. We offer students the advantage of smaller communities with diversity in our International population so that they may have a truly Canadian experience.


All of our schools are accredited by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and offer our government-approved curriculum. The courses offered at the schools are taught byteachers with Masters' degrees and Bachelors of Education certified by the British Columbia College of teachers and dedicated to ensuring the deepest levels of learning. Students are expected to choose their courses when they apply so we can work toward getting the classes they need and want.


Courses of study in all secondary schools include Mathematics, English, Social Studies, the Sciences, Computer Studies, Fine Arts, Business Studies and Physical Education. Vocational facilities such as metalwork and woodwork shops can be found at our secondary schools. Along with the traditional academics international students are encouraged to take as many electives as possible. French Immersion is available. Each school has special courses and academies including some in the Arts, Sports, Culinary Arts, Aboriginal Leadership/Studies and Outdoor Pursuits.


International students are encouraged to participate and compete in our athletic programs. Our Physical Education programs have very strong foundations.  We are famous for our community sports and activities and students can train with our Olympic level clubs in some domains, as well as participate in community sports.

Some of our Sports Some of our Clubs


Rock climbing

Cross Country Running

Hiking program


Leadership, Diversity, Social Responsibility Teams


Mountain Biking


Physics Olympics Teams

Ski and Snowboard

Student Council


Noon Hour Intramurals

Mountain Biking



Dragon Boat Racing


Big Brothers Big Sisters

Track and Field

Media Development Club