Graduation Program: BC Diploma

The Sea to Sky School District graduation program is considered one of the best academic & competency-based programs in the province. Our schools have the most up to date pedagogy, technology and facilities possible in our province. With well-educated and award winning teaching staff the Sea to Sky School District offers students a caring environment where personal attention assists students with their academic goals.


Sea to Sky School district has been accepting International students into our schools for twenty years. We were one of the first programs in Canada and we have kept the program small so that International students continue to receive a truly Canadian experience along side Canadian students. Our community is 97% English speaking and International students are fully immersed in the culture and, if motivated, learn the language quickly.


We have 10 elementary schools, one middle school, and three secondary school, and a specialized school called Learning Expeditions. All of our schools are accredited by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and offer the government-approved curriculum. Our schools feature high quality science labs, art rooms, drama rooms, music rooms and gymnasiums.


Our program is student-focussed and we interact regularly with our agents to ensure our students' success. We personally know each and every student in our program. This personal care has resulted in the Sea to Sky International Student program having a high rate of International student graduation in the province. We have several examples of International students who have gained entry into the best Canadian post-secondary and university programs.


We strive for personalized service for all of our students. ELL is available in every school and is available as an intensive program or as a support program for students while they take their academic courses. Vocational and technical courses are offered for students who wish to pursue Art, Theatre, Design, Automotive Technology, Carpentry, Metalwork, Electronics, and Hospitality and Tourism programs.Students are provided personal counseling services and assistance on further educational opportunities.

Some of our Sports Some of our Clubs


Rock climbing

Cross Country Running

Hiking program


Leadership, Diversity, Social Responsibility Teams


Mountain Biking


Physics Olympics Teams

Ski and Snowboard

Student Council


Noon Hour Intramurals

Mountain Biking



Dragon Boat Racing


Big Brothers Big Sisters

Track and Field

Media Development Club