Tuition Fees




The International Student Program is open to fee paying students in Kindergarten to grade 12 level (ages 5 to 18 years). Normally, International Elementary students aged 5-12 years (grades K-7) will only be considered provided they will live with a parent or guardian.


Please contact a local agent in your country for the tuition fees. If you need a recommendation for one of our qualified agents then please contact us for a list of agents we recommend.


Refund Policy

In the event that an applicant does not come to Canada or decides to leave the Sea to Sky school system for personal reasons, a portion of the paid tuition fee will be refunded.  All requests must be made in writing.  The following refund procedures will apply to International Students:

  1. A full refund will be paid to students who show proof that the Canadian High Commission (Canada Immigration) has refused their application for a student visa.
  2. A 75% refund will be paid to students who withdraw 30 days or more prior to their intended start date for reasons other than stated above.
  3. A 50% refund will be paid to students who withdraw less than 30 days prior to their intended start date or within 30 days of starting their educational program.
  4. No refund will be paid to students who withdraw after the end of the first month of their education program (or have an extended absence), nor will a refund be paid to students who are removed from the program at any time due to a violation of school or program rules.
  5. Students who are forced to withdraw from the program due to unforeseen circumstances, such as death in the immediate family or an illness, or other circumstances deemed valid by the Superintendent or designate, shall receive a pro-rated refund of tuition fees upon submitting proof supporting their reason to leave.
  6. Students who become Landed Immigrants during their term of study will not receive reimbursement of fees beyond the stated policy.
  7. School District 48 (Sea to Sky) is not liable for losses/expenses that may be incurred as a result of the District being unable to provide education owing to labour disputes, inclement weather conditions or other causes beyond its control.